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PK 20x20 Breakfast Line up

Page history last edited by Rachel Lyn Rumson 10 years, 7 months ago
Dan Jones Transition Montpelier and the gathering host committee >>>Montpelier EDAP - Dan Jones.pdf Putting the Action in the EDAP
Montpelier has completed a comprehensive EDAP. The process of creating that plan and then creating the actions needed to put int into motion will be of interest to this audience. This presentation will show the full range of events and actions created over the past 3 years which is making this motion real.
Carlos Espinoza- Toro Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition

>>>Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition

Carlos will tell the story of work we are doing in JP, especially to bridge race & class in our Transition work. We have held a series of bilingual potlucks in neighborhoods of color and neighbors have heard from each other in new, challenging, and inspiring ways. 

Carol Masterson Portland No Impact Project

>>>The Portland No Impact Project

A one-week carbon cleanse. It is based on the book and experiment by Colin Beavan (aka, No Impact Man), which is about how for one year, Colin Beavan and his family turned off the electricity, produced no trash, got around by walking or biking and purchased nothing new except for food -- and that had to be locally grown or raised. What they discovered was that living simply wasn’t just good for the environment; it made them happier and healthier. The Portland No Impact Project will be happening from Oct. 13th - 20th. Please join us!

Tina Clarke Transition Amherst - member, Initiator of the facilitator of Co-op Market
Transition US - former Board member
Transition Network - Certified Transition Trainer, Effective Collaboration Trainer, & Leading International Trainer
Creating a Co-op Market as a Means of Strengthening the Local Economy and Community Resilience

Transition Amherst, Massachusetts learned from Transition Wooster, Ohio about a producer-consumer cooperative market created in 2009 to increase sales of local products. Last summer the All Things Local Cooperative Market obtained a site in downtown Amherst! I'll share a summary of the Wooster and Amherst models, describing how a cooperative marketplace can support community-building, business incubation, emissions reduction and awareness-raising about transitioning to resilience.
Iver Lofving 350 Central Maine, Transition Skowhegan >>>How to be greenish is a short presentation that preaches the usual stuff to the choir, but with a twist! I bring up the topic of small electric cars, which in my humble opinion may be the answer to many of our transportation problems!
Katy Locke Transition Keene Task Force "Moments in Time"
Since its inception in May of 2012, the Transition Keene time bank initiative has been graced by an ongoing series of powerful "moments." These moments are unexpected, unpredictable, synchronistic and utterly transformative. Tonight's story names these moments in honor of the gathering force of goodwill from which they spring.
Linda Hogan and team Transition US, hOurworld, Hour Exchange Portland, Sustainable Law Center, BALLE and The Resilient Hub.
We are a three member, worker owned cooperative that provides free software and social architecture to service exchanges and users of community currency. We work with people from all over the world, thus the name--hOURworld --to help us all re-member and share the gifts of talent and time, which we believe is the real wealth of the planet.
>>>MOVEMENTS MOVING TOGETHER and/or "The Meek Are Coming...."

hOurworld cooperative is a good thing in the world. hOurworld finds and celebrates the stories of people and places where Love is the primary currency. This show will feature examples of inspiring communities that are creating true social security based on the currency of TIME. They give and they receive. This equal flow of reciprocity is helping the earth and its residents to gracefully re-pattern and realign. Join us as we present wicked cool tales of stone soup and barnraisings from the some of the neighbors of hOurworld.
Connie Allen Sustainable Oxford Hills >>>How the Resource Sharing Group, Sustainable Oxford Hills, Occupy Oxford Hills and the Bridgton Transportation committee each evolved into the other.
Alastair Lough Tohidu
Transition US
Orchard Revolution
Transition Portland
Resilience Hub
>>>Transition and Orchard Revolution
As our dual contribution to the Transition Challenge and Orchard Revolution, Pat and I formed a Rosemont group which organized our neighborhood joining together to plant 49 fruit trees on June 1st. The planting will be featured in the documentary film Orchard Revolution (scheduled for release in 2014). This 3:15 min video was made to thank all involved.


This Rosemont Planting event will lead to sequestered carbon, increased local food security, increased relationships between people and plants, as well as between neighbors. and between generations.

I plan to embed the video in my powerpoint, with 4 slides before and after, to allow crisply meeting the 6 min mark. This type of event is immensely popular and can be easily replicated in any neighborhood, as a means to draw attention to Transition.
Conrad Willeman Transition Newburyport The story of the region's oldest Transition Initiative.
Bob Bailey Southeastern Mass. Time Exchange Postcards from the road: Timebank Conversations in Southeastern New England Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2013

I hope to present the gist of conversations from an hOurworld Immersion Training on Sept. 27 in RI, a seminar in Dartmouth on Oct. 2, and at least three meetings in Boston and Providence. These events will include (in order of appearance) the voices of Linda Hogan, Lisa Conlan, Stephanie Rearick, and Edgar Cahn.
Bob Klotz 350 Maine/350.org. Occupy Maine/Occupy Maine TV. South Portland Conservation Commissioner. Holistic healthcare provider. Protect South Portland, No Impact Man and other political-environmental supporter. Physician Assistant, massage therapist/bodyworker and provider of comprehensive healthcare services and health educator. >>>Addiction: an Impediment to Transition
Evidence exists that we live in a highly addictive culture. We will consider the definition of addiction – and explore its impact on all of us. From addiction-to-oil to activist work-aholism and other restrictions on a fully resilient life, we will examine impediments – and opportunities for freedom…and transition. 

Heather Foran I am the Permablitz Coordinator for Portland Permaculture/Resilience Hub. >>>Urban/Suburban "Barn-Raising": Permablitzes in the Greater Portland area
This talk will explain the concept of permablitzing, a little bit about its origin in Melbourne, Australia, and then our experience putting together a season of permablitzes that by November will have mobilized over 1000 volunteer labor and experiential education hours to transform 6 suburban/urban properties in the Greater Portland area into more resilient homes, food-growing spaces, and demonstration sites.
Judy Phillips -The Quarry/Orange Road Neighborhood Group
-Board of DharmaSeed.org—freely offering Theravada Buddhist Teachings
-Greater Northfield Watershed Association
-Citizen Against Nuclear: Closing VY nuclear power plant
-Franklin Community (food) Co-operative:
Committee for Economic Innovation: working for food access for all
Member Participation Circle:
working to expand capacity for more participatory democracy
exploring Green Economics and sustainable growth for the Co-op
Created a Food Resource Book
-Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival: Locally Made Films -- How Communities are Working toward Sustainable Living Organizing group
-Wired West--bringing Broadband Internet service to rural Western Mass
-TransitionNorthfield Sustaining Group

My background in chronological order: High school and university educator, a parent, founded Stress Relaxation Consultants in 1979, worked in Substance Abuse and Development and retired as Executive Director of Dharma Seed after 20 years of service.
>>>The Great Unfolding of TransitionNorthfieldMA
This is the story of how our small town, Northfield, Massachusetts with a rich history just south of Vermont & New Hampshire became TransitionNorthfieldMA and a more resilient community.
Our Initiating Group reached out to all sectors of the community. We held dozens of events to raise awareness and inspire practical skills-building. Our Celebrate Northfield in 2011 unleashed over a dozen project groups.
The spirit of caring and community work continues today, with hundreds of neighbors collaborating, exchanging goods and services, growing food and learning permaculture, supporting local businesses, and reaching out to include everyone. www.transitionnorthfieldMA.org
Lesley P. Heyl Bettie the Bus Initiative >>>Traveling & meeting other transition folk in an eco-friendly way!


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