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Join the Conversation about Region-Wide Resilience

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Join the Conversation about New England-Wide Resilience

March 15, 2014
Antioch University, Keene NH


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New England, home to many thriving grassroots Transition groups, has had three region-wide gatherings to share stories, lessons, inspiration and more. These gatherings have brought together over 200 people from 50 communities and all six New England states, plus others.


Many Transitioners recognize our profound interconnection with each other, and our important moral obligations to neighboring communities. None of us is resilient until all of us are. We recognize that deeper resilience would engage the whole region as our communities are nested in larger systems of culture, climate and exchange. Now many are wondering: what would region-wide resilience look like?


Just as we are working to re-localize our communities, what if we were also committed to a re-localized New England? What could we achieve at a regional scale that we cannot achieve town by town? Imagine a world where not only our food and energy are produced locally, but the tools to grow and process our food, the equipment and materials to produce our energy, and the materials for our homes are all made regionally by workers who are as resilient as we are. Could we do all this and more within a regional, rather than national or international, political-economy?


Many Transitioners are asking these questions. For now, we see that our lives remain dependent on multinational corporations and national and global systems. How can we support a new, localized regional system that would deepen our resilience in the face of unsustainable pressures from this unjust globalized political-economy? Given the history and culture of our region, it is possible to imagine attaining that resilience within this larger, mutually supportive community.


To consider this possibility, join a workgroup of Transitioners and Resilience-Builders from across New England on March 15, 2014. Please note that the agenda for the day will be focused specifically on the possibilities for New England-wide resilience.


Join us to consider:


-   What is a vision for New England-wide resilience?

-   How can we support the emerging network of people concerned about this topic?

-   What work, projects, or outcomes would enhance the resilience of our region?

-   How could we pursue some of this work together?


Click here for background information about this conversation, and for info on how to get involved.


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